Things that happened in my kitchen today.

1. I spill ground cinnamon all over the floor. Twice. Kitchen now smells delightful like exotic spicy bakery. Probably the one featured in Kiki’s Delivery Service. [Sidenote: Kiki’s Delivery Service is an excellent film.]

Kiki in the bakery in the film 'Kiki's Delivery Service'.

2. Make coffee with my new coffee plunger. The addition of ground cinnamon to coffee is a delicious taste sensation and minimises need for sweetener in coffee. [Sidenote: Pak ‘n’ Save is selling $6.99 Pam’s coffee plungers, one of which I bought last night while I was ostensibly buying milk and eggs. Turns out a $6.99 Pam’s plunger is as good as you’d expect (not that good). The seal between the plunger bit and the glass sides is not sufficiently tight. This leads to premature plunging resulting in insubstantially brewed coffee. I am still deciding whether to return it and get my $6.99 back or to remain frustrated by it every morning for the rest of my life. I will probably go with the latter.]

3. Make smoked salmon scrambled eggs with chives. I have some chives growing outside but they look suspiciously like grass. I may have inadvertently flavoured my scrambled eggs with grass. Ate scrambled eggs and grass while watching the grey clouds of doom descend on Wellington Harbour and felt simultaneously sad and glad that I had missed the ferry to go to watch the All Black’s victory parade.

4. Spill peppercorns all over the bench while trying to re-load pepper grinder. Bench now looks like setting for hilarious mouse slapstick sketch in which mice attempt to walk along bench but keep falling over on ball bearing-esque peppercorns. [Sidenote: Mice would be dressed in bonnets and carrying parasols.]

And it’s only just gone lunchtime. Who knows what else could happen in my kitchen today.


About maximumbrooks

Christine is currently based in Wellington, New Zealand. She improvises regularly at venues around town and dabbles in other things that interest her. She likes mango sorbet, monkeys and, apparently, throwing caution to the wind.
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