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How I push my drug of choice.

Last night I taught the first class of Improvisation: Spontaneity for the Theatre at the Wellington High School Community Education Centre. It’s a great group and I’m looking forward to seeing us all develop over the next eight weeks. The … Continue reading

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P.S. The company you keep.

I also feel duty bound to mention the following information so that you can be aware of the sort of company you are in when looking at my blog and make an informed decision about whether or not to continue. … Continue reading

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Things that happened in my life today.

After the wildly popular* post “Things that happened in my kitchen today”, I bring you another glimpse into my life. The price of eggs Last night a large plastic container contained within a large plastic bag appeared on the kitchen … Continue reading

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I want to see a kakapo in a lemon squeezer

A good friend pointed me, via the magic of Facebook, in the direction of this wonderful collection of birds in military uniform. I am captivated by it. I am not sure what is so great about birds in military uniforms … Continue reading

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Things that happened in my kitchen today.

1. I spill ground cinnamon all over the floor. Twice. Kitchen now smells delightful like exotic spicy bakery. Probably the one featured in Kiki’s Delivery Service. [Sidenote: Kiki’s Delivery Service is an excellent film.] 2. Make coffee with my new … Continue reading

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Modelland—the exclusive, mysterious place on top of the mountain.

I am a massive fan of the Next Top Model franchise – each and everyone one is a gazelle-like train wreck in slow motion. I can’t look away. I have just discovered that Tyra Banks, creator of the Next Top … Continue reading

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