Sometimes, the sparkles just won’t come off.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, the sparkles just won’t come off.

Some may choose to view this admission as evidence that my nail polish remover is not strong enough or that I need to buy more cotton balls.

I, however, am choosing to view this as a metaphor. FOR LIFE.

That’s right.

Sometimes, a stubborn piece, or maybe 5000 stubborn pieces, of red sparkles attach themselves to you following a sickness-infused haze that made you think you should paint your nails to look like Dorothy’s shoes. And now, a couple of days later, when your nails have started to chip and you’ve attempted – and failed – to remove the manky evidence, the half-removed glittery red polish looks scrappy and messy and a little bit like you’ve been disturbed in the middle of removing a vampire mid-feed.

And you’re all ‘Dammit sparkles, just leave me alone, would you!’

And then you remember that red sparkles are awesome and you are grateful for the wisdom your past self had in bringing that magic into your house and onto your nails. And from that day on you will be a little bit happy every time you find a piece attached to you and/or your possessions, which will surely be from now until the end of time.


There is magic (red sparkles) everywhere and no matter how hard you try (acetone, all of the toilet paper in the house, your other nails, a small paring knife designed for fruit), you cannot get rid of all. So you might as well enjoy it.



About maximumbrooks

Christine is currently based in Wellington, New Zealand. She improvises regularly at venues around town and dabbles in other things that interest her. She likes mango sorbet, monkeys and, apparently, throwing caution to the wind.
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One Response to Sometimes, the sparkles just won’t come off.

  1. If only you’d had that polish when you were overseas, then you could’ve clicked your nails together. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.

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