Let’s get ready to crumble!

If you think this is going to be a blog post about the crumbling economy, you’re wrong! It’s about food. And this time the food isn’t a metaphor. It’s real life and delicious!

What have I been doing with my vast expanse of time?

Lots of things. By night, improvising musicals in the Wellington Fringe Festival. By day, roaming about, making crumble. That kind of thing.

Specifically, I made crumble from wild blackberries picked from beside the river. Picking the blackberries was satisfying in itself – the sun on my shoulders, biting into sweet juicy blackberries and the smell of warm fennel, also growing wild on the riverbank, wafting through the air. My teeth went purple!

But the crumble. Oh, the crumble.

Now, usually I just make crumble from partially boiled apples (or sometimes even canned if it’s a crumble emergency) topped off with a flour/oats/butter/sugar mixture a la Edmonds.

This time I googled ‘blackberry crumble’ and came up with this recipe courtesy of a blog called ‘The English Kitchen’.

Instead of par-boiling, this recipe cooked the apples in a cinnamon butterscotch sauce (!) before combining with the blackberries.

Turns out that cinnamon butterscotch sauce is THE MOST DELICIOUS THING THAT EVER HAPPENED.

This is the bowl of blackberries, with a couple of sly granny smiths all getting ready to crumble!

And here is the apple once cooked in the butterscotch cinnamon sauce with the blackberries scattered amongst it:

And this is the whole crumble pre oven:

Sadly, I was so excited when it came out of the oven I failed to take any pictures of its cooked magnificence, except for this one of the leftovers reheated the following day for breakfast, complete with a side of vanilla ice cream.

I still have some blackberries and am going to try my hand at blackberry cordial.

And probably another crumble.


About maximumbrooks

Christine is currently based in Wellington, New Zealand. She improvises regularly at venues around town and dabbles in other things that interest her. She likes mango sorbet, monkeys and, apparently, throwing caution to the wind.
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